Water Softeners

Water Softeners are not a one-size-fits-all appliance.  Easton’s Water tests your water for hardness, iron, and other concerns you may have. Then we visit with you about your water usage patterns and look over your plumbing and the types of water using appliances in your home or business. Then we help you select the unit that is exactly right for you and your budget.

Want only a BASIC SOFTENER? The metered E3 has the high quality of all Hellenbrand units

Want SOFT WATER ROUND-THE-CLOCK? Twin Tank units do that plus save water and salt

Want to REMOVE CHLORINE from all your water? A Promate-DMT softens & removes chlorine

Want a softener FRIENDLY TO YOUR BUDGET AND TO THE ENVIRONMENT? Like other Promates, the analytics in our Promate 6.5 reduce regenerations. 6.5’s upflow uses even less salt

Want a HIGH VOLUME WATER CONDITIONER for your business? Easton’s has the products for you!

See below for more details on each product:

Hellenbrand ProMate 6.5 High Efficiency Water Softener

ProMate 6.5 High Efficiency Water Softener

The specially engineered ProMate 6.5 water softener outperforms competitors, providing years of extremely efficient, reliable operation. This unit uses “upflow brining” technology to greatly reduce water and salt usage.

Inside the Promate 6.5 is a special softening resin that has a denser “10% crosslink” structure. These dense beads stand up better to both iron and chlorine making them last 30% longer than resins in standard machines.

The ProMate 6.5 features Hellenbrand’s special distributor plate. These plates enhance how water flows through the system for improved softening capacity and water pressure. They do a better job of cleaning the system by literally “scrubbing” the inside of the softener.

ProMate 6.5 Water Softener Benefits

  • Ultimate salt and water savings in a single tank softener
  • Long lasting resin ideal for chlorinated or high iron waters

ProMate-6.5 Water Softener Brochure

Hellenbrand DMT Dual Media Softener Filter

DMT Dual Media Softener + Filter

Since there are times when a water softener alone cannot solve all your problems, Hellenbrand offers this DMT unit. “Dual Media Technology” combines a water softener and a water filter in one unit!

The City Water version of the DMT treats both hard water AND chlorine. This design combines the high efficiency water softener technology of the ProMate 6.5 with carbon filtration for chlorine removal.

The Well Water version of the DMT softens water AND filters out problem iron, manganese, and tannins. Well water that was yellowish or brownish comes out clean and clear!

DMT System Benefits

  • Single Unit handles multiple water problems
  • Removes chlorine for entire house
  • Customized to your water
  • Lower cost than using multiple systems
  • Highest quality Soft AND Filtered water

DMT Water System Brochure


E6 Twin Tank Water Softener

The E6 has several engineering advantages over single tank systems and over competitors twin tank softeners. This is the only water softener on the market that has ZERO moving parts that come in contact with hard water. Soft water keeps all components much cleaner. That means less wear and tear and therefore fewer repairs.

The dual tank design assure soft water round the clock. Having twin tanks also cuts out the wasted “reserve capacity” required in single tank units.

Twin Tank Softener Benefits

  • Up to 80% less salt
  • 24 hour, unlimited soft water
  • 100% soft water used for regeneration
  • No wasted reserve capacity

E6 Water Softener Brochure

Hellenbrand E3 Water Softener

E3 Water Softener

The E3 is a great water softener for the economy-minded. But, there are no corners cut here! Like all Hellenbrand units the E3 is engineered, manufactured, and assembled in Wisconsin.

The E3’s metered controller calls for regenerations based on your water usage not every-so-many-days as time clock softeners do. The E3 features a highly reliable valve design that reduces repair costs over the lifetime of your unit.

E3 Water Softener Benefits

  • On demand, metered regeneration
  • Digital display with power back up
  • 4 sizes to choose from

E3 Water Softener Brochure