Palmer Hospital Water Treatment System

Local Hospital in West Union, IA Realizes Significant Savings by Replacing Old Water Softener

Like many institutions, hospitals use large volumes of water.  Maintaining soft water is vital for many specialized pieces of equipment as well as for heating system boilers.  Over time the material in a conditioner that softens water can begin to break down, reducing its softening capacity and thus requiring more frequent regenerations to keep up with demand.

Upgrading to a new Hellenbrand H-300-300M Duplex Water Softener system resulted in this local hospital reducing its salt usage by 65%! 

This system provides soft water around the clock by having one unit soften water while the secondary tank regenerates (self-cleans and renews its softening capacity).  Not only does this allow use of the maximum softening capacity of each tank, this unit also features a salt reuse system.

As much as 35% of the brine that would otherwise flow to the drain after rinsing through the softening resin is now recaptured and saved for reuse during the next regeneration.  The state-of-the-art digital controls record flow rates, hourly, daily, and cumulative water use information.

Such statistics can help a business be aware of excessive water usage that might result from leaks or toilets that do not shut off.

Easton’s Water delivers salt and monitors the system to assure that usage is trending normally and that the equipment is performing properly for this hospital in West Union, IA.