Twin Tank Iron Filter for Dairy

Iron Filter Helps Small Dairy near Decorah, IA Control Somatic Cell Count

This family dairy near Decorah, IA drilled a new well in the fall of 2010.  As if often the case with newer and deeper wells the iron levels in the water were higher than those in the original well.  Harsh winter weather required that the cows be kept in the barn.  The cows developed a high somatic cell count which resulted in the dairy losing the quality premium on its milk payments.  Dairy specialists surmised that iron removal may help since the cows had been drinking only the well water rather than the iron free water from the spring fed stream in the pasture.

Dairy consultants across the country are noting that excess intakes of iron may affect health through damaging cell membranes and interrupting several biochemical reactions in the body.  This oxidative stress in dairy cows has been related to increased incidence of mastitis, retained fetal membranes, and a general decrease in immune function.

Easton’s Water removed the iron at this dairy by installing a Hellenbrand Duplex Iron Curtain 2.0 system.    Along with complete iron oxidation and removal, this system was enhanced by injecting small amounts of hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the water lines.  The dairy producer is happy to have healthier cows and to once again receive the premium for his milk.

Information on Water Quality Impact on Dairy Herd Health