Iron Filter for Church Hall with 3 Homes

Iron Filter for Church Hall with 3 Homes near Calmar, IA

Use of this parish hall for gatherings near Calmar, IA was compromised by the strong rotten egg odor in their iron laden water.  Homeowners who shared this well found the smell so offensive they were considering drilling their own well.  In addition to the hydrogen sulfide odor, iron staining was occurring in the sinks at the hall and in all the homes.

Easton’s Water was called upon to provide a quote for filtering the iron and eliminating the offensive odor.

A Pro Mate 6.0 Iron Curtain system was installed in the church hall to improve the well water before it was used in the homes and in the parish center.  This Hellenbrand Duplex Iron Curtain System consists of one large aeration tank followed by two filter tanks, each with its own control.  Water flow through the Iron Filter is electronically metered. The meters of the filters send a pulse to the HP processor which in turn signals a  Stenner chemical feeder to feed a very small amount of chlorine to the incoming water.  This not only kills iron related bacteria (IRBs) that contributes to bacterial iron growth and odor, but it also enhances overall operation of the units, keeping components free from a slimy  and sometimes crusty iron buildup.

The church members and homeowners report how please they are with the quality of the water they now have.  Wedding receptions and other church and community activities can be scheduled without hesitation as the patrons know that the odor and staining issues have been resolved.  Easton’s Water stops at the parish hall at regular intervals to maintain the chlorine supply and to check unit operation.

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