Iron Filter for High Iron in Well Water

Iron Filtration and Conditioning System near Fredericksburg, IA

A family with a newly remodeled farm house started to experience levels of high iron coming from their new well. Water pressure was low and fixtures were plugging with rust particles.

Water tests by Easton’s Water revealed upwards of 8 parts per million (ppm) of iron.

Equipment installed previously by a plumber started to fail allowing iron to pass through the filter. Also the filter required the use of pottasium permanganate which is a somewhat toxic and a difficult product to handle. The pottasium permanganate, if not properly applied, can produce pink colored water to service flow.

Easton’s Water recommended and installed a ProMate 6.0 Iron Curtain Iron Filtration System in conjunction with a ProMate 6.0 Water Softener. The photo evidence reveals the quality of water before the system and after filtration. The clarity of the water after product application is noticeably evident.