Water Filter for Iron Bacteria and Hydrogen Sulfide

Iron Problems Eliminated with Iron Curtain System near New Hampton, IA

This farm home near New Hampton, IA experienced issues with high iron, sulfur smell and Iron Relate Bacteria (IRBs).

Renters were dissatisfied with the stains on laundry and sinks, along with the unpalatable water for drinking and cooking.  The IRB’s grew into a reddish slime in the toilet tanks and were restricting water flow through the plumbing.

A pump installer had set hydrogen peroxide feeder on the incoming water line to feed 35% hydrogen peroxide into the incoming water when the well pump cycled.  Instead of solving the problems, the water became highly discolored and laundry and fixtures continued to be stained.  As no follow up was forthcoming from the pump installer, the landlord contacted Easton’s Water for a solution. Easton’s Water provided a solution they wanted by installing a Hellenbrand ProMate 6.0 Iron Curtain 2.0 system.

The landlord contacted Easton’s Water for a solution. Easton’s Water installed a Hellenbrand Pro Mate 6.0 Iron Curtain 2.0 system. The Iron Curtain system oxidized the iron and hydrogen sulfide with the oxygen rich environment of its air injection system. After the oxidation of the sulfur and the iron, total filtration was accomplished with the 12” Pro Mate 6.0 iron filter.

In addition to oxidizing and filtration, the system incorporates simple chlorine chemical injection during backwash with a Stenner fixed rate feeder. This chlorine is allowed to be pumped into and remain within the filter system for 40 minutes in the middle of the night every third night. This chlorine feed helps to destroy any Iron Related Bacteria that may have established a growth within the system.

This feed system design, powered by the Hellenbrand HP processor, assures proper filtration, mechanical functioning and allows the system to maintain optimal flow rate and water pressure.