Nitrate Filter and UV Purifier for Bacteria

High Nitrate and Bacteria Removal System near West Union, IA

In anticipation of the arrival of a new baby, the homeowners near West Union, IA had water tests done on their rural well water.  Finding that coliform bacteria was present and nitrate levels exceeded the recommended level for infants, they sought help from Easton’s Water.

Knowing that shock chlorination done properly can sometimes clear up a coliform bacteria problem on a good well,  Easton’s suggested chlorintion as the first step.  When follow up testing showed that well disinfection had not alleviated the issue, Easton’s recommended installation of a Sterlite Ultraviolet (UV) to kill the bacteria for all the water used in the household.  To prevent scaling on the ultraviolet bulb and to thus assure that the intensity of light remains at the level needed to eradicate bacteria, a ProMate 6.0 water softener was connected in advance of the disinfection system.  The homeowners thereby also gain all the benefits of conditioned water for general household usage.

Since nitrates are not removed by UV lamp nor by softening water and since boiling water would only increase nitrate concentration, separate equipment was required to assure safe drinking water.  The Millenium Reverse Osmosis (RO) unit was installed providing drinking water to a separate faucet at the kitchen sink.  The Millenium was also plumbed to the refrigerator for ice that is not only low in contaminants but tastes great and is crystal clear.  Besides reduced nitrate levels, the purified water from the RO has much lower levels of numerous inorganic substances and total dissolved solids.

Follow up state certified testing by Keystone Laboratory in Waterloo, Iowa, confirmed to the homeowners that their water is now free of bacteria and the nitrate level is now within the safe range for everyone in their family.  Easton’s Water contacts the owners when it is time to do the periodic maintenance to assure these units continue to produce the desired quality water.

Guide to Nitrate in Well Water