Iron Filter for Hog Station

Filtration for Hog Production Site near Hawkeye, IA

As often happens at livestock production sites, iron particles were plugging screens and the nipple watering devices at this hog facility in Hawkeye, IA.  Low water pressure alarms sounded frequently at all times of the day requiring the site managers to come promptly to the location to clean out the screens and nipple watering devices.

Easton’s Water was called upon for a solution to the water pressure interruptions and to assure adequate water supply to the animals at all times.  To assure that no unfiltered water was used when the filter periodically self-cleaned by backwashing.

Easton’s applied a Duplex H-125 filtration system.  This complete particle filtration with no raw water to service is accomplished by a Hellenbrand Motor Activated Valve (MAV) plumbed into the outlet of each filter.

Since installation of this system, water pressure has remained consistent, eliminating those alarm calls and helping assure herd hydration.  These reliable units that are on stream 24 hours per day have been very dependable requiring minimal maintenance and producer attention.