Drinking Water Systems

drinking water systems
The right Water Filtration System can take regular tap water and turn into the exact quality you want.

Home Drinking Water Systems can give you safer, better tasting and smelling water. You’ll enjoy unlimited high-quality water for drinking, cooking, and ice. Pets love it too!

Need ULTRA PURE WATER for your business? Commercial DI or RO units provide top quality water for specialized processes.

Or do you need to remove NITRATES, CHLORINE, or BACTERIA?  Easton’s Water can provide the right solution for you. Give us a call or send us an email to find the best Water Filtration System for your needs!

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

Have NITRATE or CONTAMINANTS? Reverse Osmosis gives you bottled water quality from your own drinking water tap.

Reverse Osmosis units are the treatment of choice for reducing nitrates from well water. Consumers wanting to purify the water from their municipal supplies also love the fresh tasting water from their RO systems. With up to 98% of impurities removed, RO water brings out the flavor in coffee and juices and cooked foods. In addition to having an RO faucet at the kitchen sink, many households run an RO line to their icemaker to enjoy the clear ice cubes RO water makes.

When considering a Reverse Osmosis unit, keep in mind this is not a whole house system. The purified water the RO produces goes into a small storage container that is a miniature pressure tank. As soon as water is used, more water is produced.

Reverse Osmosis Benefits

  • Purified water with fresh, clean taste
  • Great for nitrate reduction
  • Removes metals like lead and arsenic
  • Clear ice with no floaties

Millenium Reverse Osmosis Brochure

*Reverse Osmosis is effective at removing Arsenic V only. Arsenic III requires specialty filtration.

Carbon Water Filter

Carbon Water Filter

Don’t like that CHLORINE TASTE? Carbon Filters are an economical way to improve the taste of your water and ice.

Carbon filters are a simple, cost effective means of providing better tasting drinking water. They remove chlorine and organic chemicals yet leave in minerals. Eastons Water can help you select the size and type of carbon filter for your application and the desired purity level.. Most customers have a separate faucet for their filtered water. Easton’s Water can schedule periodic filter replacements for you.

Carbon Filter Benefits

  • Clean, fresh tasting water direct from your drinking water tap
  • No water waste
  • Compact size
  • Easy filter changes
  • Removes chlorine and organics

AlwaysFresh Water Filter Brochure

UV Water Purifier

Ultraviolet (UV)

Have BACTERIA in your water? An Ultraviolet Light kills bacteria, providing worry-free water throughout your home.

When a water test shows that you have bacteria in your water you need reliable equipment to keep your family and guests from developing intestinal or other health problems. If your water is clear, ultraviolet lights are a reliable, low maintenance product to kill that bacteria without chlorination or other chemical treatment. Easton’s Water will remind you annually that it is time to service the UV lamp system to assure continued destruction of the bacteria in the water for your entire household use.

Ultraviolet Purifier Benefits

  • Effective against bacteria, virus, cysts
  • Potable water at every tap
  • ZERO water waste
  • Long lasting, easy-to-change bulbs

UV Max Ultraviolet Brochure

Bottled Water Cooler

Bottled Water Coolers

Want COLD, GREAT TASTING water? Bottled Water Coolers dispense purified, tasty water at the temperature you like.

Few things satisfy like a drink of cold, fresh tasting water. Water coolers provide our high quality water at a convenient location in your home or office. Easton’s Water both rents and sells water coolers manufactured by Oasis. We set our customers up on a regular delivery schedule to assure a continued supply of high quality drinking water. Our five gallon jugs are more economical and eco-friendly than buying water in those small plastic bottles.
Bottled Water Cooler Benefits

  • Convenient delivery
  • Room, Cold, and Hot Temperatures
  • Low-cost drinking water solution