About Eastons Water

In 1962 Howard and Irene Easton purchased the Culligan franchise in West Union, Iowa. Their three younger sons learned the business along with their Dad. They delivered and regenerated the old portable exchange soft water tanks. As in-home water softeners became the standard they installed units and delivered salt.

Shortly after graduation from Iowa State University, son Doug returned to again work in the family business. In 1978 he purchased the company, allowing his parents to begin their retirement years.

Eastons Water Culligan Northeastern Iowa

Jane and Doug Easton
water quality association member
With the introduction of drinking water systems, iron filters, and bottled water, Easton’s Water Conditioning has continued to grow and expand. The new facility built in 1999 enables the company to efficiently service their growing customer base. With great employees and with wife Jane running the office, Doug manages the operation and works to solve water problems throughout Northeast Iowa.

In 2005 Eastons Water severed ties with their former supplier in order to become an independent Hellenbrand dealer. This gave Easton’s Water access to higher quality products that better meet the needs of their customers.

Doug Easton and employee Matt O’Kones are licensed by the Iowa Plumbing and Mechanical Board. Doug is a Certified Water Specialist level IV with the International Water Quality Association. Easton’s Water is a member of the National Water Quality Association.

So whether it is a large hospital or factory needing specialized water or a famer needing iron removal for his dairy or a retired person in an apartment needing the ease of cleaning with soft water, Easton’s Water gives the same caring attention to details and GETS THE JOB DONE RIGHT.